Our Method

Learning Step by Step

The world-famous Arthur Murray Method began in 1914, when Arthur Murray was a leading dance instructor. During the 1950s, Arthur and Kathryn Murray began a television series called, “The Arthur Murray Dance Party,” a highly popular show that ran for twelve years on national television.
We’ve been teaching the world to dance ever since.

Welcome to a world of dance

All Arthur Murray Studios use the same system. So, no matter where you travel, you can transfer lessons and pick up where you left off. This worldwide invitation to the dance also enables you to learn the same material from multiple teachers. So, as a member of Arthur Murray, you can make dance part of your life, wherever your travels take you. We take care of all the logistics so your experience is seamless.

The World-Famous Arthur Murray Method

The Arthur Murray method is a unique method, perfected over a period of 100 years. It’s an insightful approach to dance that enables people to learn faster. It’s also a joyful method that makes dancing an expression and celebration of social life.

The method is based on close observation of how people learn best. It was specifically developed for beginners and people with limited dancing experience to be able to get up and dance easily.

The Foundational Steps

The unique method is based on simple walking steps and side steps. They’re the first thing you learn at our studio. Once you know the foundational steps, all of ballroom dancing falls into place with remarkable ease.

The foundational steps are used in every dance. To teach you the other dances, we simply combine the foundational steps in different ways and use different rhythms and tempos. So while you’re learning the foundational steps, you’re actually learning the basics of all the dances!




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