Wedding Dance Lessons

Dancing can completely transform your wedding and add joy to your special day.

Wedding Dance Lessons in North York

Thinking about wedding dance lessons in North York? At Arthur Murray Dance Studios in North York, you are in good hands.

It wasn’t so long ago that a couple’s first dance as man and wife, as special as it was, was only an effervescent memory — a fact that was no small blessing for couples who didn’t know how to dance. Now with the advent of home video, a newlywed couple’s first dance is almost always recorded on tape for viewing through the years.

Your First Dance as husband and wife and a fun filled wedding reception will be followed by nightclub dancing on your honeymoon, exciting date-nights during your life together, and romantic dinner/dancing vacations and anniversary celebrations. The magic of dance is a gift to each other that you can enjoy the rest of your lives.

As the North York Area Wedding Specialists, we have helped to create magical wedding experiences through wedding dance lessons. Start the magic today by inquiring about our wedding dance lessons in North York, and scheduling your complimentary private lesson!

PS – If you are the groom, just imagine the look on your fiancée’s face when you tell her that you’re taking her for wedding dance lessons to prepare for your special day.

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute for North York Wedding Dance Lessons!

Remember that your schedule will get very hectic as your wedding day approaches. Dance instructors recommend starting six to eight months earlier to allow more time for practice, especially if you are a newcomer to dancing.

Remember That Wedding Dance Lessons Can Actually Relieve Stress

Wedding dance lessons are good dance exercise. And, lessons pull you out of the hustle and bustle of the day allowing you to spend time with your intended, having fun and working together productively at the same time. Learning a new skill that you can use together for a lifetime.

All Dances Are Popular At Weddings

Besides Waltz dance lessons and other traditional ballroom dance lessons in North York, Mambo dance lessons, Salsa dance lessons, Swing dance lessons, and even Hustle dance lessons are all popular at weddings today. The North York wedding dance lessons we offer at Arthur Murray Dance Studios, will ensure you make the most of your special day in the style of your choice.

Do You Wish to Use a Special Song for Your First Dance?

If you plan to dance to a special song at your reception, feel free to bring a recording of it to your wedding dance lessons so you can work on it with your teacher. Don’t forget to coordinate with your wedding videographer to get the best “coverage” of your special dance.

Learning to dance for your wedding is a special gift that you and your fiance can give to each other. Feeling confident and poised when you dance together will ensure that your first dance together as wife and husband will be a memory you will cherish forever.

Wedding Dance Lessons Registration

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Wedding Dance Registration

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