Argentine Tango Lessons in North York

Are you interested in Argentine Tango lessons? North York offers Argentine Tango classes at several locations, such as North York, Etobicoke, (The Kingsway), Downtown (Yorkville), North York, and Vaughan (Woodbridge).  Arthur Murray is the dance studio of choice for individuals seeking Argentine Tango classes in North York and the surrounding area. Read on to learn more about Argentine Tango lessons and other options for Latin dance classes in North York.

History of Argentine Tango

The Argentine Tango has a rich history from the lives and music of Buenos Aires. As immigrants from Europe and Africa came to Buenos Aires in the 1880’s, they began dancing in the dark lit cafes to tell the story of the male-female relationship. The dance spread to Paris, along with its music which included an accordion like instrument, and became popular across Europe. With the popularity in Europe, the Argentinean upper- class decided to incorporate it into their circles. In 1926, Hollywood capitalized on the popularity of the Tango and used it in the movie “The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse” with actor Rudolph Valentino creating the craze for the dance which is still alive today.

Characteristics of Argentine Tango

Argentine Tango is danced using an embrace. The embrace position has the dancers’ chests closer together than their hips and often has both the leader and the follower in complete contact dancing cheek to cheek. However, the embrace is not rigid, but relaxed, so that all figures can be danced comfortably. The Argentine Tango is a dance full of emotion and is often dictated by the highlights in the music.

The Argentine Tango dance classes in North York offered present a sensual and sophisticated dance. It builds a deep feeling between partners creating a dance full of expression. Interested in signing up for Argentine Tango lessons? North York’s Arthur Murray can help. With numerous Latin dancing North York and area classes to choose from, you could soon be dancing the Argentine Tango with ease. Contact us or sign up.

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North York and area dance lovers have plenty of options to learn in a great learning environment. Learn more about our studio, our method, our Argentine Tango dance classes and your other options for dance lessons in North York by contacting us, browsing our site. Or, learn more about our classes by going back to our list of ballroom dances.