Merengue Dance Classes North York

Merengue was made the official music and dance of the Dominican Republic by Rafael Trujillo. If you’re looking for Merengue dance classes, North York, Etobicoke (The Kingsway), Downtown Toronto (Yorkville), North York/Scarborough, and Vaughan (Woodbridge) should give Arthur Murray Dance Studio a try. Merengue is the simplest dance to learn.  Its uncomplicated timing makes it easy to feel the music. A few Merengue dance lessons in one of our several studios and you’ll look like a pro on the dance floor!

History of Merengue Dancing

There are two schools of thought as to how this captivating dance began. One says it started as a peasant dance in the Dominican Republic by African Slaves. Another says a returning war hero, a General Maringie, danced dragging an injured leg. Whatever its origin, today’s exciting rhythm of the Merengue inspires dancers all over the world to move to its intoxicating beat.

Merengue Characteristics:

The Merengue is characterized by a two-step beat. Partners hold each other in a closed position. The man holds the woman’s waist with his right hand while keeping his left hand/her right hand at the woman’s eye level. Both partners are required to bend their knees slightly left and right. This in turn makes the hips move left and right. With a little help from our Merengue dance lessons in North York you’ll be confident in the Merengue style in no time! When danced correctly, the hips of the man and woman will move in the same direction throughout the song. Partners may walk sideways or circle each other, in small steps.

Merengue develops Cuban Motion and the ability to adapt to any partner. It is the only Latin dance which combines one-step timing with Cuban Motion and therefore is a help to all Latin dances. The march type beat sharpens timing and coordination and the proper use of the accent will develop a clearer interpretation of musical rhythm. Walking steps and side steps (chasse) are the basic components of Merengue. This dance can be developed into a very rhythmical dance. With “Cuban Motion” and animated body movement, the Merengue gives a festive party appeal.  Why not be the life of your next party by taking Merengue classes in North York’s Arthur Murray Studios?

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Merengue Music:

Merengue music is written in 2/4, 4/4 or 6/8 time. The rhythmical accent will occur on the first beat of each measure.

Merengue songs and artists include:

  • Hot, Hot, Hot, by Buster Poindexter
  • Jump In The Line, by Harry Belafonte
  • Cuban Pete, by Jim Carey

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